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Maones Go To Disney!!!


When I think of vacation nothing else comes to mind except the beach, and I mean that... NOTHING. However, throw two little kiddies into the picture who adore princesses, pirates and pixar characters and the wheels started to turn, ever so slowly, in a different direction. I'll admit, I cringed a bit seeing as big crazy crowds never excite me, but after some research I became thrilled at the thought of Paisley and Jake experiencing Disney World. So I planned... and planned and planned and planned. It's definitely a process, but as it rolled along I became more and more excited. Not only for the kids but for myself as well and before we knew it we were loaded in the car and headed South!  

I could sit here and happily write about the entire trip detail for detail because I loved it all so much but I'll condense and just share my absolute fav moments...

Festival of Fantasy Parade! We stumbled upon it a little late, so we were back several yards from the main action. I knew it included all of the princesses so we stood P up on a ledge to see. She had just put her Elsa dress on before hitting up the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and along rolls the Frozen sisters on their float. Pais is dying and waving. (I'm crying just thinking back on it.) Elsa spots her, waves back and acknowledges the fact that they are dressed the same by nodding and flipping her cape. Pais does the same right back and screams "She saw me! She saw me!". Oh I was bawling. Pretty sure Steve was laughing at me just to keep himself from tearing up haha. I have not a single video or picture from this moment but its definitely etched for life <3

Incredibles Super Dance Party! Again, something we stumbled upon. Jake is obsessed with them and so I was clearly thrilled to spot them. Jake could not take his eyes off of the characters. He followed them all around the dance floor. Steve and I were so afraid he was going to get "incredibly" squashed lol. Finally, Mr. "Incweble" turned and danced with him. Jake was in awe. We did manage to snag a video of this. Boy was he in heaven. 

So, so, so many awesome things to see and do. We could not have lucked out with better weather for the beginning of March. Ok, ok pics... Below I have merged photos from several different medias... my Nikon, our iPhones, Disney Memory Maker, etc. It was harder than heck to get pics of everything I wanted to capture. Things were very fast moving and I was more set on soaking it all in than trying to snag pics. However, we still managed to have a decent stock pile of images to look back at. So, without further ado, a peek into our Disney adventure... 

We cannot put in to words the amount of joy we were able to see streaming from not only Pais and Jake but each other as well. The shrieks of excitement, the giggles, the silliness... it was all absolutely perfect and we cannot wait to go back and do it all over again!!! 

And then... since it snowed 10 plus inches at home, we decided to give the snow a little more time to melt before heading back north. We hit up Cocoa Beach for two days and boy was it worth it. The kids had a blast in the sun and sand. 

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